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True Story - An Heavenly Walk
Friday, July 27, 2007
Let me introduce myself, I am Steam(an fictitious name), 28 years old, staying at Delhi. I basically belong from Kerala "the Gods own country", but born and brought up in delhi. I consider myself very simple.. "I am not fair, I am not ugly, I am not rude, I am not an pessimist", this gives a clear picture of mine. Well my physical statistics are like : Height 5.8", weight 82 kgs, blessed with an energetic 2.3 inch wide and 5.6 inch on length(On expansion, of course) penis.I am an homely chap, do have many friends, but not of an opposite sex. I am doing my post graduation at the moment. I bagged four years of work experience by now, unfortunately, don’t have anything at the moment, working on this issue relentlessly.

The story / Incident that I am going to narrate at this hour, is an true one and an one that will be remembered throughout my life. This happened to me last year, precisely on the month of August. I was on my job that time, some how got little time to spare during the working hours. I was supposed to attend an meeting at an client’s place, fortunately/ unfortunately that go cancelled at the decisive time. Felt little sad, then started to move back to my office at Noida, (an area adjacent to capital territory). While driving back, I had noticed a park opposite to Sec. 15, Noida. I had visited this place couple of times before. I thought that would be the right place to relieve all the tensions of the day. I parked my vehicle and entered into the premises. Well those who don’t know about this park, its an big-big-big one. Started walking, walked, walked an long distance. It was an working day afternoon hence there were very few persons seen in the park. After walking very long reached to a place which was latterly deserted and there were couple of benches laid for the park dwellers and in front of those there were n numbers of Eucalyptus trees, which form an mini forest. I felt tired by that time, hence decided over to sit there. I smoked couple of ciggrettes there, and attended some calls at my cell phone. It was about an hours time by now, thought I should start a walk again back. As I was just about to stand, I had noticed a lady coming from the same pathway. No one was accompanying her. She sat on the next bench that was there couple of meters away. She was looking gorgeous, dressed by salwar kameez.

Her age could be assumed between 28 to 35 yrs. Her body statistics were like : breast of 38" and the butt of the same size. She was very fair with an divine eye. Though I don’t have the practice of staring a woman, but her voluptuous body had compelled me to do so on that occasion. I just moved all my head around, but could not trace a single person. An experience that I had never dealt before. Spend half an hour more maintaining the same status quo. All of a sudden, she came close to me and sat on the bench where I was sitting. She had "Hello", replied her and then the conversation gradually started. I came to know that her name is Shalu and she is here, cause her BF is suppose to reach this place, but its already 2-3 hrs late as per the scheduled time. We talked on many matters then reached the topic of sex. I notice her to be very open in this subject, that too in an place like and also to a stranger.

My inner thing had started to swell ( to the kind attn of the readers, I was been virgin uptil that date). I was dressed formally, an office goers dress. My flag had started to hoist and also staring. Shalu had seen the bulge on my pants and started smiling staring at my pants. I got close to her. God had gifted her with long hairs. I placed my face to her hairs, shalu’s aroma made me go really mad by now. I tried to kiss her face, but all of a sudden she refused and stood up. I placed my intentions a step back straight forwardly. She opened her mouth a little afterwards, and told me, "this an place where many people may come and go", later pointed her fingers to the trees that were standing before us. I go jubilant by that words. I put my hands on her shoulders and walked into the lush green trees. Now we were in a position, where nobody could ever trace. We have to do every activity on standing on our feets. On the first, I kissed her forehead and tightened her on my grip. Slowly massaged her back, she loved that. Her expressions made me go wild.

Courageously then, I placed my hands on her sweet boobs(over through the dress) and started to press those. Started slowly then gradually gone harder. That part of shalu’s flesh had aroused me. Slowly I opened her tops and kameez. Infront of me now was an sex goddess. Her pure white boobs, waist and long legs had forced my dick to move out from the captivity. I pushed my pants and undergarments down. She took hold of my penis and massaged it with her sweet hands. My dick was now been as an steam engine. Gradually she got down and moved her sweet mouth on to my hard lund. I jerked with full force, deep inside her mouth. She was enjoying every bit. Her warm mouth was an magical experience to me. Her eyes were looking to my eyes from the down. After many strokes, my first semen came out. She took every bit of my semen deep into her throats and cleansed my lund. I made her stand once again and it was my turn now. I moved my hands from her head down to her bellies and then proceeded to her waist. As my hand touched her ass, it was an electrifying moment. She had a very nice ass meat. I placed my bare hands on the cracks of her ass and massaged for some time. I got down on my knees t hen, and took her cunt/choot on to my mouth and started tonguing and eating it. She was clean shaved. She enjoyed it a lot and pushed my head deep within by using her hands. I did that about 15-20 minutes or so and stood up. My hot dick was in full play by now. I tried to push my lund to her choot then, unfortunately it did not go in. Then shalu’s hand helped me to get it into the right direction. She put her two legs little apart by now. I pushed a little harder this time. It went half way and she was moaning like anything and after a second or so I pushed my lund with little more force and my lund had conquered her whole vacant area of choot. It started slowly, but started gaining speed as the time passed. After several shots, my semen came out once again. I pushed her little away and brushed that thing out.

I always luv women’s ass, hence didn’t left the chance to move out. Shalu was very hesitant, then with little persuasion, she agreed. I let her know that I will practice "Handle with care" theory. I made her bend towards a tree and placed my lund straight on to her gand. It didn’t go on the first trial, then placed again and pushed hard this time, it went a little. She complained about the pain at the initial stages, that all had gone well. My lund penetrated her sweet and healthy gand with full energy. She liked every stroked played in her gand. She was rubbing her choot all these times. For about 15-20 minutes, we were in that position. At last once again I moved my semen out from the captivity. Both were very tired by now, so how we manage to wear our clothes and moved back to the same bench where we were seated earlier. We spoked little more. I came to know that her age is 32. After a while, I incidently glanced at my watch, which was showing 5.30 p.m. I had to reach my office back by this time. Hence hastily I bid her. In Haste, I forgot to ask her communication address and contact numbers.


posted by Ady @ 3:30 AM  
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